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    A Path To Self-Discovery

    My meditation journey began back in 2001, over two decades ago. Fresh out of school, I met a master who sparked my interest in meditation. Read more…

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    My meditation journey began back in 2001, over two decades ago. Fresh out of school, I met a master who sparked my interest in meditation. For six years, I dedicated myself to learning and volunteering, helping others and growing as a person. It was a valuable experience, but I felt a yearning to explore further.

    This yearning resonated with the story of Buddha, who actually realised the truth on the day he left the palace but he couldn’t accept it. He wasn’t happy just knowing the truth, he wanted to find liberation from it. So he went on a journey which was full of suffering. He knew the truth but needed to witness it for himself. Similarly, I wasn’t necessarily searching for something entirely new, but rather, the readiness to fully embrace what I already knew on an intellectual level. 

    Fueled by this internal quest, for deeper understanding, I made a decision. I left my home country and embarked on a journey of exploration. It was a step into the unknown, a chance to discover new perspectives and expand my horizons.

    Since then It’s been a path adorned with moments of both unwavering faith and exploration beyond the confines of religion. Travelling the world, I encountered diverse perspectives, each thread enriching the fabric of my understanding. I’ve encountered pain and suffering, teachers in disguise. They reshaped my perception, moulding me into being more resilient and compassionate. Gradually, through introspection and perseverance, I found myself arriving at a state of inner peace.

    Now when I look back the most profound realisation dawned upon me – the end of seeking. I no longer yearn for external validation or strive for specific outcomes. Instead, I’ve embraced a state of profound inner peace, a state that some may call enlightenment. This state isn’t a destination, but rather a continuous journey of acceptance, presence, and unwavering connection with my authentic self.

    This journey, with its profound lessons and invaluable insights, is what I wish to share. It’s a story of self-discovery, of learning to embrace the impermanence of beliefs and the transformative power of experience.I want to share my journey, what I’ve learned, and how I found peace. It’s a story about self-discovery, learning to be open to new ideas, and the amazing things we can find within ourselves. This isn’t just my story; it’s an invitation for you to explore your own path to peace and understanding.

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