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  • The Journey, Not The Destination

    -Seeking truth Matters more than finding it

    Ever stuck in a conversation with someone who acts like they’ve got all the answers? Like, they’ve read the handbook of life and are here to lecture you on it? There is a quote from Deepak Chopra which basically can be acted as your escape hatch. The quote goes like this.Walk with those seeking truth. Run from those who think they have found it,”

    It’s all about surrounding yourself with the curious crew – the people who are always asking “why?” and down to explore new ideas.

    Think of it like this: truth is a giant adventure, and the coolest people are the ones with backpacks full of questions, ready to see what’s next. Don’t get stuck with the folks who think they’ve reached the end – the best part might be just around the corner! So next time you’re hanging out, ask yourself: are you with truth seekers or know-it-alls?

    Not only that, it indeed can benefit you in several ways. 

    • Growth Mindset: When you actively seek truth, you cultivate a growth mindset. You believe your understanding can evolve, which keeps you open to learning new things and adapting your perspective. This openness fuels intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.
    • Deeper Understanding: The journey of seeking truth often leads to a more nuanced understanding of complex issues. By considering different viewpoints and evidence, you uncover the layers of a topic, rather than relying on a single, potentially incomplete answer.
    • Innovation and Progress: When a group of truth-seekers come together, they challenge each other’s assumptions and explore new ideas. This collaborative environment sparks innovation and progress. Imagine scientific breakthroughs if everyone believed they already knew all the laws of physics!
    • Humility and Openness: Seeking truth requires a sense of intellectual humility. You acknowledge that you might not have all the answers, which allows you to be open to new information and perspectives. This fosters better communication and collaboration.
    • Avoiding Bias: We all have biases, but believing you’ve found the truth can make them blind spots. Seeking truth encourages you to question your own assumptions and consider alternative explanations, leading to a more objective view.

    It’s not to say finding definitive answers isn’t valuable.  Sometimes, having a solid foundation is crucial for further exploration.  However, the true magic lies in the continuous process of seeking, questioning, and refining our understanding of the world around us.

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